Be easily for you to enjoy many kind of traditional pastry that have been made in Japan from other country.

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[Global Sweets shop website] will has a post about [content need to noted] and [Purchasing process] when buying products.

*Ordering process on internet

1. When you decided the product you want to buy on product page, please enter quantity of product you want to buy (write in number) in quantiy column. Then click on button “add to cart”.

2. You can check detail content in your screen cart.
If you still want to continue shopping, please click on “continute shopping” to go back product pages.
If there is no mistake or mistake about the item or quantity in the cart, and you want to pay after your purchase, please click on the item ”Proceed to Payment”.

3. After clicking on the item ”make payment”, you will be redirected to the order screen.
Please follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the necessary information.

4. Order screen: enter customer information, select shipping address, shipping method, select payment method > complete.
In the order section: after entering customer information, choose a shipping address, shipping method, and payment method, next please click on the item ”order”.When the confirmation email is sent, your order has been confirmed as complete.In addition, the personal information that we have been entrusted with from you on this site will not normally be disclosed or provided to third parties, without the consent of the customer. Please see ”Privacy Policy” for more details.

If the above information does not solve your problem, please contact us.


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