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Global Sweets Hanoi store [hereinafter referred to as (our store)] considers the trust of customers as a top priority, in the provision of information related to personal customers, we believe that correct and confidential handling is an important responsibility of our store. For that purpose, we have established a ”privacy policy” regarding customers’ personal information, and will thoroughly implement the method of handling personal information to all employees and employees, depended company. The content is displayed at the below. In addition , regarding personal information that we hold and use , we will process personal information of users in accordance with this policy.


(1) Collection of personal information
Our store will legally and fairly collect personal information. When asking users to provide personal information, we will inform in advance the purpose of collection and the content of use, we will only collect personal information in moderation within the scope of our legitimate business store.

(2) Use and access sharing of personal information. We will only use entrusted personal information to the extent that the user’s consent is obtained for personal information and within the scope of the purpose of collecting personal information. Regarding the purpose of use, within the following ”purpose of use”, we will use it for what is necessary to achieve that purpose within the scope of our lawful business.
● Regarding the scope of use purposes:
– For contacting work.
– For providing information about products and services handled by our store.
– For responding to customer inquiries or requests.
– In addition, In the case of purpose notifying to customer in advance and already have obtained allow.
● About the use beside above purposes.
When it is necessary to use a customer’s personal information for purposes other than the above purposes,except where permitted by law, we will only use it if the user’s consent for the use of information is obtained. 

(3) Provision of personal information to third parties
We will not provide your personal information to third parties without the customer’s consent.However, this does not apply if there are special circumstances such as legal obligations to our store due to laws and other standards that apply to personal information .

(4)Disclosure procedure – correction of personal information
In case if there is a request, query, correction or deletion of personal information provided by the customer, please contact the guidance department for answers. Unless such requests affect or hinder the business operations of the store, after confirming that the requirements are requested by the customer within a reasonable period of time, the information Customer ‘s privacy will be disclosed , corrected or deleted .

Comply with laws and regulations on the protection of personal information.

Our store will comply with the laws and rules regarding the protection of the personal information that our store holds. In addition, this policy is also based on the laws of Japan (including laws related to foreign countries while in another country),and we will also evaluate according to other criteria. Our store will establish a basic policy regarding the handling of personal information and will strive to protect personal information based on laws and rules such as the personal information protection law under this policy.

Method to manage personal information security:

Our company will take security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal information, etc., and at the same time, establish a management system to ensure accuracy, safety and suitability. In addition, we restricting outsiders from entering the office to process personalinformation, we will conduct educational and training activities for all officers and employees involved in protecting the company’s personal information. Beside that, we will try to appoint a manager to properly manage personal information.

Use web icons and cookies

Our company website uses technologies such as ”cookies” and ”web Peacon”, to collect access information for users.No information obtained through these can identify an individual. In addition, if you use our website with the settings that do not accept cookies or do not display images in your browser, some functions offered on the website may not be availably.

About using google analytics

We can use google analytics on our website. Google analytics uses cookies to collect information about visits to our website. The method of collection and use of accessible information is governed by the Google analytics terms of service and the google privacy policy.

Please refer to the following website for more details.

On the matter of continuous improvement

Our company will continuously review and improve to respond to changes in Japanese laws regarding efforts to protect personal information (including related laws and regulations in foreign countries).on handling methods and changes in the environment.


Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information will be directed at the following contact places.

[Address of receiving and processing personal information]
≪Global Sweets Hanoi Store.≫
Will be posted when the store opens .


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